Piano, Fortepiano, Forte:

Some out-of-the-box tips to jack up your skills

Playing the piano extremely well requires more than just actual practicing, reading notes and sheets, and bickering with your mentor over a hair-space mistake. In order to become a piano virtuoso like Maksim Mrvica or the great Frederic Chopin, practicing all-day everyday will not just enhance your finger playing skills but your ears and rhythm, as well. However, not all the playing abilities you can use to further ameliorate your piano techniques can be acquired by simply lifting the fallboard and hitting those keys to the tune of your favorite melody; sometimes, you have to think outside the box and take advantage of the other activities to razor-sharpen your fingering skills. To become the legendary pianist you want to be, here are some piano-less practice to keep your fingers crossing.

Poker: Focus more and make decisions in a heartbeat

Though the only relationship between poker and piano is that piano songs can soothe you while playing cards against other players, playing actual poker can enhance your keyboard-tapping skills in ways you cannot imagine. For starters, it increases your concentration, as poker requires a certain level of attentiveness you cannot give to other leisurely activities like video games. Other than focus, poker can also make your decision-making skills better, as split-second calls require lengthy sessions of poker gaming and piano playing. So whether you’re playing live poker in a casino table or connecting with poker buddies in a friendly competition, make sure you give your full potential to each match so you can translate what you’ve learned when playing the piano.

TypingMaster: Faster and more agile fingers

To increase your hand-eye coordination to a higher degree, using this nifty online tool called TypingMaster can make your fingers slide around keys more easily. This online program is used by many companies to measure the typing skills of their employees. To make your fingers more agile, you have to make it to the advance levels of the exercise. The better you perform at more difficult levels, the flexible your fingers become in keying intricate pieces and complex melodies. Do this whenever you’re in front of the computer, or while browsing for piano sheets and tutorials on YouTube. TypingMaster isn’t just a tool to improve your typing skills, it can also aid you in your piano-playing skills.

Running: Working out on your internal rhythm

While playing the piano requires a great deal of stamina and dexterity—some attributes that make a great pianist—what many people don’t realize about running is that it allows you to find the internal rhythm you’re comfortable playing with. And this is important, especially in choosing the best genre or piece that suits your playing style and skill. So the next time you go out for a run, better pick up the pace where you’re most comfortable with, then try playing a song in the same pace. You’ll be surprised how easy the song will be for you, since it goes well with your body.